Hi, Alessio here!

This past week has been a wild ride and to have the first two LOKA Chess Sets funded through the LOKA Kickstarter is amazing. Thank you so much for your support.

Both of these sets are available in Bishop ($50) – 41 miniatures worth over £100!

I can’t believe that we’re actually chasing the Air Chess Set down, there isn’t much further to go until the third set is done and then I can get started on the multiplayer rules and we can look at putting in some cool dice. Then it’s all about the Ice Chess Set.

We need to hit $60,000 to fund the tooling for the Air Chess Set

Not only have we got the first two chess sets funded, but you’ve allowed us to be able to produce the scenery and the Rulebook. You can see more about my vision in this gameplay video or by downloading the free Sample Rules PDF!

Many thanks again for supporting me and LOKA on Kickstarter, we’ve got more excitement coming next week with a Board Game Geek Contest and possibly even foam!


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