Today, I thought I’d do a couple of little bits of housekeeping.

First up, Ronnie’s added a great new video to the Youtube channel – it’s part of a playlist of three that we’re adding to all the time.

I hope you enjoy the playlist, and if you’d like to grab anything featured here, or any new scenery, please check out our Battlezones page on the store!  We also recently announced the ruins ‘sneak peek’.

Secondly, we’re looking for people to contribute to the blog.   We’d love to see your content and how you’re using Mantic to build your gaming world, so in a continuation of #manticfan Friday, we’re inviting you guys to submit your content to the site.  Whether it’s a tutorial on painting that key piece, or designing your team for Dreadball, your use of terrain or a battle report you’d like to share, we want to hear from you!  For now, we’re not accepting fiction, because we have open calls for Fiction in other places.
Remember too, that there’s a fan-zine called IronWatch that you can also contribute to, so don’t just send to us, give them a look too!

We reserve the right, as ever, to edit or reject pieces that aren’t of use to the community, though we will of course let you know if that’s the case.  You can submit to me at kai at – just put ‘Blog Submission’ in the subject line 🙂

Finally, if you’re in the US or planning to go to GenCon, tickets are mostly sold out for Mantic’s events, so you really should get your tickets soon!  And for those in the UK, Mantic will be at the UK Games Expo (with Jake and Alessio, along with the staff) from tomorrow.

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