…ok, after this week I know you know what range is coming next, but this is too good not to share!

Written, and sang by our very talented Sculptor, Mr Naismith – he got so immersed in the Dwarf culture he started writing and singing Dwarven songs.
So with no further ado, please may I introduce, sung to the tune  ‘Men of Harlech’  (you know, THE song in ‘Zulu’)

Dwarves of Kharzag
Grab yer best axe
put yer armour
on yer broad backs
gird yer belt
and get ye ready
for to face the foe!

Pointies or green skinners
never will be winners
against the shields
that guard the fields
where Dwarven men and women
eat their dinners

Swing yer hammer
in strong manner
brothers knee to knee
we’ll never stammer
by beard and blood
we’ll raise our banner
High above the field!

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