Gamer #5: Rob Chandler

Hello friends! Its update time again.  I’ve been busy the past 3 weeks finishing up my first regiment of Rangers. I must say. I have really enjoyed the 60% rule which has allowed me to create a very dynamic scenic base using only 12 miniatures. I feel for the more hobby minded players this option within the rules really gives me a chance to go all out. I feel it also give the look of the unit a little more flair. Below are the photos of my first Ranger unit.




Over the next 4-6 weeks and next two updates. I will be working on a horde of Ironclad. Expect a much larger and even more dynamic layout. I’m aiming to include more than minimum 24 miniature to meet the 60% rule as well as make sure the layout of the caves line up with the Ranger base. My goal is to have all 3 units line up as one solid display when complete.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this latest update. Until next time. Stay Mantic my friends!

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