Gamer #4: Pat Lewis

So peeps, we’re at the second installment for this little corner of the hobby world.  Last time I talked about my army and how I was going to organize the starter box.  I’ve since put everything together, primed and started on my test model to get my colors straight unfortunately I left for vacation right afterwards and I’m still at my test model stage.

I decided to go forward with my Icekin theme.  I envision these elves to be at one with the snow and ice and their armor would have an ice like quality to them.  To try and achieve that, I went with a blue for the main armor and grays as second/contrast color.



I happy with the results, I just need to tighten it up and get some blue washes for the spears to try and simulate actual ice weapons and the scabbard for the sword.

Next time I’ll be showing of my bases that I’m working on next as well as starting the spearmen regiment that will go on it.  See you next time!

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