Gamer #3: Todd Warren

Dwarves!!!  Of all the armies I have painted over the years for all the many game systems I have played, never have I tackled a Dwarf army. So it’s about time. Given the opportunity to paint up one of Mantic’s Kings of War armies and then to brag, I mean blog, about it, I couldn’t say no! Besides, they have Giant Badgers. GIANT BADGERS! It was a no brainer. Here is a list of the army box contents and the point cost of the units as I will field them.

  • 20 Ironclad (110 points)
  • 20 Ironwatch (Rifles of course, 155 points)
  • 20 Shieldbreakers (130 points)
  • 10 Brock Riders(210 points)
  • 2 Ironbelcher Cannons/Organ Guns with crew (one cannon 110 and one organ gun 85 points)
  • Lots of bases

Look at all these sprues!??!?!

Dwarf Unbox







I plan on building the units exactly as listed here which remarkably comes out to exactly 800 points! I also plan on doing some multi-basing which allows me to get creative with the unit building and will give me some extra models to begin expanding my army later. I definitely plan on getting some more Brock Riders along with Berserkers and perhaps some Sharpshooters down the road.

The amount of extra “bits” you get on the sprues is great, ale flagons, banner poles, runes, weapons, not to mention the awesome Throwing Mastiffs. With multiple body and head options, there are easily over a dozen different poses of the dwarves themselves, allowing for just enough customization without having to use 15 parts to make one Dwarf. Everything is plastic and I must say the detail on the Brocks and the riders is amazing!

I can’t wait to get started assembling these bad boys. The Dwarf army is soon to take shape!


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