Gamer #5: Rob Chandler

As Joe stated. I’m really looking forward to this project to showcase the endless possibilty of scenic basing using the 60% rule. I hope my choice of units helps me when we get the chance to throw some dice together. If not it will still be fun and I will have a great looking army to add to in the future. With that said lets look at what I’ll be putting down on the table.

Robs Dwarf Army List
Warsmith w/ Boomstick Artefact                                                     115 pts.
Ironclad Horde w/ Throwing Mastiffs, Brew of Strength             220 pts.
Ranger Regiment w/ Throwing Mastiffs, Blade of Slashing     195 pts
Ranger Regiment w/ Throwing Mastiffs, Mace of Crushing    195 pts
Battle Driller                                                                                       70pts
Total                                                                                                     795 points

Like I said. Is this list going to work? Who knows? My vision is just a mass of Ironclad, flanked by Rangers with tons of Mastiffs being tossed everywhere. The next step is to start making these little plastic dudes come to life with some amazing base and paint work. below I have show the first unpacking stage. Next time I will have some major progress to share! Until then, keep the paint flying!


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