Gamer #1: Joe Neet

It has been a few weeks and the excitement for Kings of War is growing each and every day. I don’t think I have enjoyed a project as much as I have been enjoying this so far.

Since my last post I have jumped head long into getting my Ogres assembled, primed and painting under way. I wanted the army to be easy to paint yet still striking on the table top. The colors I went for were a mixture of red, silver and black. These colors work well with the dark shade that I would be applying on the miniatures and together captured the look I was after. The skin is also a big part of the Ogre miniatures but I didn’t want to do the studio color for them so I went for a dark rich brown that was highlighted with a flesh tone.


FullSizeRender5As you can see from the bases I went with a rocky grassland style. I am a true believer that a great base can really help to increase to the overall look of a miniature. Since I was really looking to get this army done and battle ready, I needed a base that would help tie the miniatures together and stand out.

My Ogre Warlord is also complete and ready to lead the vanguard into battle!




All in all it was a good couple of weeks of progress. I am off to the beach for a few days of family fun and the last bit of somewhat warm weather on the East Coast. Let’s see what progress I can make until the next update!


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