Ok, time to start the chat about project 2 – I guess many of you now know what our second army will be…

We had two inspirations at the beginning of the project. The first was the skeleton warriors created for the Jason and the Argonauts movie. They had such menace and evil nature that even after all these years they acted as a embarkation point for the project.

The other starting point was understanding the story behind these troops. We thought that the models represent the remains of an army, these were soldiers that died on the battlefield and have been raised by an evil necromancer to fight again. They still bear what’s left of their former armour and weapons, yet now they fight against their will and for a cause that isn’t their own.

Below we have two pieces of concept art for the Undead, and you can really get a feel for what we’ve gone for.

Best sleep with one eye open, the Undead are coming!


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