Well, using our tried and tester method of pinning down people to do stuff for us, we locked Bob Naismith, the sculptor of our rather evil new Abyssal Dwarfs, in a rather spiky box and politely asked him to write some words on the new miniatures. Note: No weapons were used in the making of this blog post.

“Fun fun fun!

Working with Mantic has always been fun – and things just got better – when Ronnie suggested that we might create a range of Abyssal Dwarfs based on our existing Dwarf models my mind started to float away to a land of blood red skies, sulphurous smoke filled valleys and lightning blasted ruins atop black black mountain shards…… oooh I’m going off on one again…

So – Abyssal Dwarfs. We wanted to give our friends and customers a chance to get some serious badness onto the table which was just bad – not weird or mutated (well not much) but plain bad guys. We wanted to make use of our existing plastic bits to ensure that we bring our armies to the table at great prices. The way that the plastic Dwarfs are designed helped us do this – the heads obviously and the weaponry.

Katsuchan Rocket Launcher with CrewThe artillery piece was great fun – again making use of the undead chassis. We would like to make more things like this so give us as much feedback as possible – we do listen you know!

That leaves me with the command group – these were just great fun – I have to say thank you to the Mantic artists who generated the initial designs – little gems they are!

Khaos Lord concept to greenKhaos wizard concept to green

I really love the Abyssal Half-breed Champion – although this figure is a charismatic piece I’d love the chance to make some troopers like this, probably using the existing castings! The leader and wizard were equally good fun – just straight down the line bad guys!!

Abyssal Half-breed Champion WIPI also made another little model for this group which isn’t now a feature of the set – keep listening to Ronnie for possible future info!

Sneaky Goblin WIPED: The Goblin Sneak is being saved for the Orc release later in the year and will not feature in the Abyssal Dwarf King’s War Conclave. However, those of you who pick up a Gorgoth’s Legion of Terror (or the Colossal version) will find that we’re including it as an Exclusive Miniature in the set, meaning you’ll get it months earlier!

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