Welcome to Adepticorp stadium fans! I’m Chopper Lewis and with me always is 5-time MVP winner, Dreadball’s own Jonny P! With 5 more weeks to go, the 3rd annual Adepticorp Cup will be held right here in this stadium complex. 24 teams are here to battle in a round robin for the title of Champion of Adepticorp Stadium and take home the Adepticorp Cup trophy.

Heavily favored teams include the Melange Girls, the Back-alley Grubs and the always loved robot team, Insynchronization.


Back-alley Grubs!


Ball launches Friday at 9am sharp. Round intermission shows scheduled are Inner sphere favorites, Tailor Slow singing her smash hit, The Plague Are Gonna Plague. Melange Girls’ Striker, Pumpkin Spice singing for the first time her chart topping hit, Judwanna Be My Lover and many more acts.  Intermission shows are sponsored by Zlurpcorp. As always please refrain from throwing cans of Zlurpmaxx and other article of trash onto the pitch.

Special exhibition games and training camps will be held by 2-time Dreadball champ, Coach Guy and Chicagorx Bear Keeper, Jonz Jax throughout the whole weekend. Stop by and learn from a champion!

Jonz Jax

Chicagorx Bear Keeper, Jonz Jax!


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