6 more weeks! 6 more weeks till Adepticon my friends.  With that time, I would just like to make mention of what we have going on for Kings of War.  This year we have a crazy amount of events for you to enjoy.

Clash of Kings Championship! The Clash of Kings will be happening on Thursday from 4pm to midnight. 24 armies will be battling it out for the title of North American Kings of War Champion.  Grudge matches have been set.  Challenges have been issued.  Who will walk the walk and talk the talk?


Friday night we have a special Kings of War campaign written by Mantic Pathfinder Mike Carter.  This story driven event will run from 6pm to midnight. Don’t have an army and want to play?  We have you covered, all you have to do is just show up and Mike will get you taken care of.

Saturday night will be the Kings of War Mega Battle.  10,000 points of armies will square off against each other in this epic battle.  What’s that you say?  You have your own army and want to play.  No problem. Bring it to the event and join in with your army and make this a mega epic battle.



What’s that? You want to go to Mantic Open Night and play in the Mega Battle?  You still can.  These events will run concurrent and attendees will be able to get a ticket for both.

Learn and play demos will be hosted through out the whole convention during the day.  Stop by and learn how to play if you’re curious as to what Kings of War is all about. See you in 6 weeks!

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