Hello folks!  Chopper Lewis here to recap this year’s Adepticorp Cup and with me as always is 5 time MVP winner Jonny P!  So sit back and enjoy as we go through the 5 games that were played in exciting fashion.  Games of note, Shake and Bake vs United Collaborateors Alliance Coalition.  This game should win the this years Slammy Award for most fumbles.  One other game of note is Syndihedgecorp Capitalists vs Shake and Bake.  Comes down right to end!  So without further ado…on with the highlights!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

And that concludes the wrap up of the Adepticorp Cup 2015!  So coaches, get your teams ready for next year.  It has been announced by DIGBY that the Adepticorp Cup will be the National Championship for North America!  Get to practicing!

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