Following on from the news that the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest boxed game has sold out here at Mantic, we can now report that the Adventurer’s Companion is now sold out as well!

And just like the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest game set, the Adventurer’s Companion is now available in stores, making it the only place to now get one of the sets.

We will get our restock of retail copies in April.


What is the Adventurer’s Companion?

The Adventurer’s Companion is a light miniatures RPG system. You can use it to expand your Dungeon Saga games, or use it in conjunction with an existing collection of miniatures and game tiles.

It allows you to:

Create a hero – Generate a truly individual Hero or Overlord from scratch, based on any model in your collection. The choice is yours, from name and profession to spells and songs!

Design the Dungeon – Conjure up your very own maps, objectives and backstory. From the cavernous to the claustrophobic, we give you the tools and tips to put together a unique challenge.

Level Up – Watch proudly as your Character evolves from the very first adventure, gaining levels, abilities, and above all great stories to tell! Will you master a discipline, or branch out and learn new skills?

Be Bad – Turn the game on its head by playing as an evil party, heading off to take down a ‘good’ Overlord and his band of so-called Heroes.

Explore – Between adventures, visit one of 13 different downtime locations to rest, replenish and more! Will it be Tavern or the Temple this time?

Play Solo or Full Co-op – These rules allow for a new and engaging single-player experience, in addition to a co-operative mode in which no Overlord player is required!

Tackle Uncharted Dungeons – Venture into the unknown and hold your breath as the map unfolds before you in this exciting variant where no-one knows what lurks around the next corner!

The Adventurer’s Companion is more than just a book however – there are a host of supporting cards and counters as well as blank character sheets for designing your own hero. It includes unique pieces of equipment, traps, Invisible Overlord cards so that you can play the game solo, and uncharted dungeon cards for generating random dungeons.

The Adventurer’s Companion is now in all good hobby stores. It will be back in stock on the Mantic Website in April. Pre-order here to guarantee your copy.

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You can also get the enhanced digital edition of the Dungeon Saga Adventurer’s Companion individually or as part of the Adventurer’s Pass collection, which also includes all of 2016’s digital releases and an exclusive desktop wallpaper, available through Mantic Digital for your mobile device of choice.

About The Adventurer’s Companion

A lot of extra work has gone into the Adventurer’s Companion shipped to our Kickstarter backers to fix the errors that had been left in the version that went to print. The version available at retail has these proofing errors corrected.
Kickstarter backers also get the options of requesting a reprinted version when a new version of the pledgemanager goes live shortly.

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