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This week we’re returning to have a look at DreadBall Xtreme, and in particular the DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual. More on that tomorrow.

On Friday, we will be releasing the new Warpath rules for public beta. This will be an expanded set of rules over what was released via Beasts of War a few weeks ago, so plenty of extra stuff to have a look if you’ve already tried them.

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Today though we wrap up last week’s Kings of War Week, with our competition winner.

Name The Two-Player Battle Set

This has quite possibly been the most-entered competition we’ve ever run. Thanks to everyone who submitted a name suggestion. There were some cracking entries. Here’s just a few of our favourites…

Tommy Fransgaard was so excited by his suggestion of “A Simple Task,” he couldn’t help but write a small story to accompany it. If interested you can find it here.

Brendan got punny…

Brendan: Mo Gothy Mo Problems

… though I’m not sure if we can get away with these ones…

Apathetic: Seems clear that Assault on Bloody Black Reach Isle is the way to go.

Nigel Robinson: Kings of war 2nd edition: age of reckoning

Mark: The End Times

Scott Beil was pretty sure he had the answer…

Scott Beil: Well, the only real possibility is ”Battling Beards & Bones”

… whilst Sirkalon brought in the supreme overlord:

Sirkalon: the defiant stand of Lord Renton


In the end these were the three that resonated with me – though I just cannot choose!:

Jim: The thing I like about KoW is how well it lends itself to very large battles, so I would go with something that gives a sense of scale such as ‘Fields of Wrath’ or ‘Blood Tide’

Drew Newman: “Against A Dark Tide” since it is the starter box leading into the edition that will introduce the Abyssal line it could fit the contents as well as the set the tone for the upcoming events in Mantica.

Kharegim: The battle for Ironhold bridge 😉 you already have the lore written for it

Which one of these do you think is deserved of winning a signed copy of 2nd Edition Kings of War? Let me know in the comments.

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