It all began with a deal, as is common with the Forge Fathers. They would be allowed to play in the league in exchange for certain mining rights and technical know-how. These days, after years of play and several league victories, it is hard to imagine the leagues without the doughty presence of the father teams, first among whom are the stalwart players of the Midgard Delvers.

The Forge Fathers aren’t the most demonstrative race, though DreadBall has rapidly built a fanatical following in the mining fields of their domains. Forge Fathers are the only race allowed in these teams, and while recruiting can be slow (like most things with these folk), there always seem to be more available when you need them.

The Forge Father team is one of big, slow hitters, and Roberto Cirillo and Mike McVey worked closely together to get a uniformed look across the models whilst still differentiating the various player types:

Striker and Guard concept art – uniformed yet distinct

Ali McVey also kindly painted us this wonderful piece of artwork for the book:

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