Team Badges by Curis Ninjabread

How can Veer-myn play in the DreadBall leagues? What about Orx and Forge Fathers? Aren’t they the enemy? Is this safe? These were the sort of questions that greeted the earliest non-human teams when they took to the pitch for the first time back in The Thudweiser Cup XXXV. Several explanations have been offered in official press releases, scandal sheets and on serious newsfeeds.


Designing the Veer-myn team once again came down to Mike McVey and Roberto Cirillo, who once again produced this stunning artwork

To take the Veer-myn as an example, some folk hold the view that these are not real rat-men at all, but vat-bred stand-ins who simply look similar; others suggest robots could be the answer, carefully dressed up with sythnthiskin; clones are another possibility. Rex Roth from DNN ran a series of articles supposedly uncovering a capture and breed programme, but that has been largely debunked as the result of an overactive journalistic imagination.

These days the average DreadBall fan simply doesn’t care. The non-humans add so much spectacle and excitement to the game that any cultural foibles are seen as just part of the showbiz atmosphere and razzmatazz that accompanies the big games. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that DreadBall should
be officially adopted as the means to resolve disputes instead of fighting wars!

Ali McVey again took up the mantle of painting one of these pieces for us

The Veer-myn team is mostly comprised of fast, nimble Strikers. Using them requires a degree of tactical skill – whilst adept at dodging out of the way they are simply not that great at scoring, so you’ll be relying on having as many attempts on goal as you can muster!

The Veer-myn team are now unlocked on the Kickstarter page – find our how you can get a free Veer-myn Reek Rolat MVP!

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