DKQ-PrototypeMadriga dived to her left, loosing a barrage of razor-tipped arrows from her Elven bow, before rolling to her feet.

“Show-off,” grumbled Danor. “Can’t you see I’m trying to concentrate?”

The door had been magically sealed with a particularly challenging incantation, made all the more difficult by the fighting in the corridors behind him.

“Cease your whining, mageling or I’ll leave you for dead as well!” shouted Madriga, launching another arrow and taking the head off a skeleton warrior.   There was a sudden, vast silence.
“I think we’re done here, it looks clear.”

Not likely, thought Danor. A chill wind swept through his hair and the air around him grew tight.

“Mortibris is here,” he said in a stern voice, turning away from the door. Madriga seemed surprised by his sudden change, drawing another arrow.

“Save it,” said Danor, a tinge of red fire appearing behind his pupils. Flames began dancing along his fingers, igniting his hands into magical spheres of blazing energy, as Undead warriors swarmed from the darkness…

None survived the fiery wizard’s wrath.

The Dungeon Saga: Alpha Core Rules are now available to download from Mantic Digital.playtest

As we stated in the update earlier today, it is very important that we all recognize that what we’ve released is nowhere near a complete game, as Jake rather succinctly discusses on his blog here.

These rules are the very core mechanics at the heart of the experience that we then build on to add all of the flavour and character. Help us get this bit right first, and the “chrome” can come later.

You can view the Dungeon Saga: Alpha Core Rules via the Mantic Digital Reader. Alternatively you can simply download them, the cards and even the maps in PDF format.

Go here to get your free Alpha Core Rules.

There are many benefits to the Mantic Digital Reader, including being able to take your books anywhere on a vast range of devices, living rules with free updates, search, glossary and more. It recently had an upgrade to make it more user-friendly and add more features.

Would you be interested in us offering the complete rule set digitally as an Optional Add-on? Let us know in the comments.

Go here to get your free Alpha Core Rules.
(while there’s an issue getting at them, please go to:

These are the seperate PDF’s.  But you’ll need to log in and grab them when Mantic Digital is back to have access to them and see updates etc. later!)

Having problems getting your free Alpha Core Rules? Contact Mantic Digital directly by emailing

Finally, we really want your feedback from these rules. Please play through them, all you’ll need is a few figures and a few makeshift counters to give them ago. We’ve set up a special thread on the Mantic Forum where you can let us know what you think and help us develop them further.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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