Saving the best for last, here is the Fourth amazing deal available for the festive season. We know this is often the time of year that people consider starting a new army, or maybe building upon an existing collection, and we know that there are a lot of Undead players out there. Well we here at Mantic Games have decided that we want to make that as easy for you as possible.

Vampire Lord

This alternative Undead Army allows you to form a 150 figure “Elite” Undead army and is the only Army Deal where you can get your hands on the new Skeleton Archers. You even get a real man’s unit of the awesome new Resin Plastic Revenant Knights – 20 of them in fact!! Throw into the mix a FREE Mantic Messenger Bag and Printed Kings of War Rules included in this set – why not treat yourself this christmas?

Revenant CavalryWhether your a painter looking for world class figures to show off, a gamer wanting an army that’ll thrash your opponent, or an avid collector who just has to have the newest best thing, The Dark Lord’s Army of Death is one of two ways to start your own undead army this Christmas, offering great value, the very best figures and the complete Mantic experience in one easy package.  So what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours here!

Please Note: This item is currently only available to pre-order and will be shipping on the 26th November 2010

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