So far we’ve looked at the shiny new cover for Ancient Grudge and how it goes about becoming a multiplaying experience. One of the other draws to Ancient Grudge is that you get five new Troop Choices for each faction and in this blog, we’re going to give you a sneak preview of some of the new types!

New Troops – Wraith 9 points

Movement 4 Dice 2 Armour 5

Special Rules Walk through Walls.


The Wraith’s Walk Through Walls ability literally allows them to walk through “no-man’s land” – the empty space between tiles. It is dependent on whether the Wraith gets distracted, but this could lead to a lot of nasty rear attacks.

New Large Monsters – Werewolf 16 Points

Movement 8 Dice 5 Armour 3

Special Rules Large, Tough, Slam, Living

Large monsters are very powerful and the Werewolf is the fastest piece in the game! They do find it hard to move through tight corridors and to turn around, though they make up for it by being able to take more damage!

New Special Characters – Frother 12 Points

Movement 5 Dice 4 Armour 4

Special Rules Green Rage, Berserk

Frother is an Orc special character and one we’re particularly looking forward to converting – he’s got the Berserk rule, which allows him to spend any kind of taken as if it was a follow-on action, provided he uses it to keep fighting!

With a Berserker Lord in the box and a mix of models for some of the new entries in Ancient Grudge, you’ll be able to expand on the troops you have from the other games. We’re also working on a couple of Warbands for you to expand your collection – more on them later!


Dwarf King’s Hold: Ancient Grudge is now available to pre-order as an individual Expansion or as part of a larger bundle deal. Ancient Grudge requires either Dead Rising and/or Green Menace to play.

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