One of the best things about Dwarf King’s Hold in my opinion – apart from the excellent rules, cool minis and brutality of the game (during the Swiss World Expo Bernard meet me 9:5 playing Scenario 1 of Green Menace) – is the artwork and Ancient Grudge contains two new rooms to battle in. Here’s Jake with more:

Couple these tiles with those from Dead Rising and Green Menace and you can build absolutely massive Dungeons. One of the intriguing conversations at our first Open Day this year was actually between Jake and Tammy who started making all sorts of wierd shapes by fitting the tiles together to make all manner of different shapes – everything from Cathedrals to twisting warrens.

Berserker-LordThe Berserker Lord is just one of the miniatures in the new box.

Anyway, here’s a preview of one of the new rooms in the set:


The other new room can be found here. Whilst you’re at it, why not check-out the Warbands and bundle deals we have created especially for Dwarf King’s Hold?

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