There you have it folks – Trolls are in!

We’ll refine the concept art and get them out to sculpting as soon as possible (and of course keep you all up to date on the progress!) – thank you so much, that’s 5 new kits we’re now committed to producing!

Trolls are now available in the buy one get one free section. Everything who has pledged $100 or more gets one figure free, whilst everyone at $175 will get a unit of 3 absolutely free!

As promised, here’s the next stretch target!

Mummies – $85,000

We will produce a unit of plastic Mummies for your fantasy battle army. This unit is so new we don’t quite have concept art yet but the desire is to make them in the style of our own Undead army!

Everyone who pledges $100 or more will get a figure absolutely free, whilst everyone who pledges $175 or more will get themselves a unit (Exact contents to be confirmed – we’ll let you know through the updates!)

Reminder – Please note that shipping does not count towards your total when working out rewards.

As we enter the final 14 days, we can’t thank you enough over what has been an absolutely mindblowing experience. Plastic Gargoyles/Harpies are next up if we get the Mummies and after that there’s a Kickstarter exclusive model coming at $100,000 – how far can we get before the time runs out?

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