Issue 3 of the Mantic Journal is nearly off to print (we’re prodding the photographer to go faster, there’s an iMac dangling precariously out of the top floor window) as the Journal team puts the finishing touches to this issues content. Ever keen to tell you about all things Mantic, we pinned down the editor to tell us what’s coming in the latest issue:


“Take up your weapons, bold warriors, for this issue we have a full set of rules and army lists for you to try out upon the field of battle! (Okay, it’s a table top, but still damn exciting).

Penned by none other than esteemed games designer Alessio Cavatore, Kings of War allows you to fight massive battles with armies of fantasy miniatures. Handily, you can get said massive armies from Mantic Games. Turn to our extensive retail section to see the fantastic deals we offer – entire armies for crazy prices. Madness, I tell you, Mantic madness.

With more gaming content than ever before, including rules and background for the dreaded Liche King (a finer model of undead evil you’ll never see), this issue of the Mantic Journal is the best yet. Where else would you get an entire game?” – Guy Haley

Journal 3 is now available to pre-order and, as an aside, subscribe to the Mantic Journal through issues 2-5 (and claim your free Limited Edition Dwarf Engineer with Drill) now and we’ll make sure that you get both of your issues as soon as it comes off the press!

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