So it seems interest in our Undead has just exploded – and we have absolutely no idea why… It must have everything to do with with cool Gravestalker, Crazy Christmas Bag and Army Deals we’ve been doing!

Traditionally at Mantic, the start of the year of the year has been very Undead intensive – amongst the Abyssal Dwarfs of last year we launched the Zombie and Ghoul sets with command, and we kicked off the launch of our Undead sets with the Skeletons and the awesome Ghouls the February the year before.

Frame-Undead-VanguardA small Undead Vanguard… not enough Ghouls and Zombies for our liking!

Much like the Forge Fathers, the Undead is just one of those ranges we love to go back and revisit and so over the next couple of days we’re going on a hunt for blood… I mean hobby content!

The first place we looked was the Kings of War hubs, where you can find background, artwork and a couple of fan-made guides on building, painting and modeling Undead – we even found the first ever “What’s in the box?” episode with Ronnie back in the day! It really shows how far we’ve come in 2 years, we’re now in our 3rd office!

We’ll return tomorrow with more Undead youtubey, facebook type exploits, but if you’ve got an Undead army that features Mantic models, why not show it off with everyone else on our Facebook page, just like Daniel Cargill who posted up WIPs of his Skeleton regiment:

Daniel Cargill Undead

We know there are loads of you Undead players out there, so get posting – like us here and we might post your image on the blog!

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