This week brings you the very first and best Warpath Army Deals following our special Bank Holiday Subscriber Special weekend!

There’s loads of different deals on offer depending on how you want to start your Warpath army, but our favourite would have to be the Ultimate Warpath Deal, which features:

137 brand new Warpath figures
Including all the Marauder and Forge Father plastics, we also have Plastic Resin Forge Fathers with Heavy Weapons as well!

6 Vehicles
These Vehicles really are something else and a world apart in terms of scale and size from our current Kings of War warmachines – look out for more on them soon!

Free Heroes
As previewed on the blog this week, this deal (and many besides) includes both Warpath heroes, absolutely free!

Marauder Warlord and Forge Father Hero Sculpts
Free Rules, Free Shipping
All of the Warpath Army Deals ship post free, and for the first 11 Days, 11 Hours and 11 Minutes from the day they went up for pre-order (26.08.11), these rules will be signed by Alessio Cavatore. All Warpath Army Deals ship post free as well!

The Warpath T-Shirt
Exclusive to the Mantic webstore, we have a special Warpath T-shirt included in our Ultimate Deals during the pre-order period, and as part of our Warpath Deluxe Kit. Be one of the first to get Warpath and get the T-shirt to prove it.

This is only scratching the surface with the Subscriber Special weekend army deals, and you can check out all of our army deals here*!

* Please note that all Warpath Army Deals and the Deluxe Kit are exempt from the Bonus Mantic Point Month

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