This weekend is a milestone for Mantic – our long standing £99 or less Army Deals are ending!

Gore-Riders-10-WhiteThe £99 army deals might be ending, but you can get plenty of

Gore Riders in Garlak’s Monstrous Horde


Orc Garlak’s Barbarous Horde
Orc Gakamak’s Green Tide
Dwarf Baldr’s Armoured Battalion
Elf Eldrin’s Personal Guard

With free shipping in July*, these armies-in-a-box are the perfect way to start your Mantic Collection – get yours before the 1st August. For more information on all of our army deals, click here.

Also ending in July is the free Mantic Journal: Kings of War in all post-free web orders. This issue of the journal, included ito celebrate the release of the fantastic Journal: Clash of Evil, contains a complete printed copy of the Kings of War rules, army lists and much more.

Check back on Monday for the start of something big – we’re looking forwards to a fantastic August!

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