The weekend was crazy with all of the New York Comic Con celebrations, and now that the dust has settled it’s become apparent that we’ve a number of discounted Early Bird Pledge Levels available – in true Mantic fashion, you need to get them before they’re gone!

The Invaders Arrive

Our sweet spot level, currently there have been around 15-16 stretches that have upgraded the core contents of this pledge level, adding in new models, weapon options and upgrading the quality of the components.


There are a wide range of discounted Early Birds ranging from $146 to $149 – a discount is a discount though and we don’t want you to miss out!

The Invaders Arrive gets you:

–    One Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game ($75)
–    $125 worth of Core Add-ons
–    All applicable stretch goals
–    Free Shipping to UK and US

Check out the pledge level diagram here!

Core Add-ons and Credit

Both of these Pledge Levels contain an amount of Credit that you can use to customize your pledge level. In previous Kickstarters, we’ve only been able to offer fixed packages, but with the Credit, you can pick which extras you want.

We’ve an ever-growing range of Core Add-ons for you to choose from, all of them discounted from MSRP – you can see them on the main page here!

We’ve put together this great example of how you could spend your credit using our downloadable pledge calculator – the package below is based on The Invaders Arrive Pledge Level and for your $150, you’re getting over $250 worth of stuff at retail prices.

The Pledge Calculator is a very handy tool for allocating your credit and tracking what you want. We’ve put an example together to show you right here:

NOTE – Click the example pictures to see larger images.


In this example, I’ve clicked the little plus sign to the left of The Invaders Arrive. At this level I get a copy of the Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game boxed game, free shipping to the US and UK, and $125 worth of credit. I’ve put a 1 next to all of the add-ons I want:

– Core Expansion 1 – Deluxe Gaming Mat, Kickstarter Exclusive Topps Trading Cards and a Kickstarter Exclusive Don Manning character ($25)

– Martian Marines ($15)

– Stealth Martians ($15)

– Martian Attack Saucer ($20)

– Patriot Silverback Flatbed Truck ($20)

– Attack from Mars character set ($20)

– Burning Cattle ($10)

In the yellow box on the right hand side, you can see that I’ve no remaining credit left and I’ve managed to get one of pretty much all of the new stuff without spending a dollar more – only Martian Dredd and the Civilians remain.

Compare that to MSRP, and for my $150, I’ve got over $250 worth of stuff – and we’re not even done chucking in things to the boxed game or pledge level yet! This even includes two great Kickstarter Exclusive items – the Topps Trading Cards and Don Manning – which will never be sold at retail, with more to come!

But what if I want a set of Civilians ($10) and the Martian Dredd ($12)?


Using the Pledge Calculator, the red box indicates that what I want now costs $172 – $22 more than the $150 I’ve pledged.

In this situation, I’d click “Manage my Pledge” button under the main total and change the total pledge value from $150 to $172. I would leave my pledge level selection where it is, it’s only the total I need to change.

Remember – no money is taken until after the Kickstarter campaign has finished – you can raise and lower your pledge as many times as you like if you want the latest shiny thing or can’t decide what you want!

And – once the campaign has finished, we will send you a survey via email. On this survey, you give us all of your contact details and Pledge Level choices – it’s on this survey where you tell which add-ons you want and how many of them you want. The Kickstarter page itself doesn’t allow you to select them.

And there you have it!

The Mars Attacks Kickstarter finishes on the 10th November – please pledge your support and help us fund this game!

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