Today, we’re going to focus on Attack from Space!  This amazing booster contains some of my favourite figures – from the tick-riding Sydney to General Zar, Buck Spencer and Xiuhcoatl.
These guys look like they’ve jumped straight from the comic and out onto your table and are designed to extend your base box of Mars Attacks to give you new pieces to play with.

ma attack from space


So, let’s have a closer look at the set.

  • First up is General Zar – a lovingly created Martian mini, to represent the Martian commander determined to redeem himself after a crushing defeat in 1962, during his first mission.
  • Buck Spencer – our all American hero – ex-astronaut and current US Senator.  When trouble calls, he’s there to help out.  Can he save Greenville?
  • Xiuhcoatl – named after the Aztec fire serpant – lives up to his name and protects a world where he finds himself, out of his own time, but ready to battle anyway.
  • And finally, Sydney Rose, riding his Martian ‘enhanced’ flea, Henry (who is my favourite figure of all!)

Each piece is lovingly sculpted to represent the characters from the comic.Each piece is provided unpainted, but are assembled and most importantly, ready to go!  Break them out and start playing straight away!

Interested in these guys?  Grab it today and battle on your terms!

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