The Mantic Open Day is back in November!

Held on the 21st November at the Mantic Open Day, the format of the show is getting a refresh, with a heavy focus on Kings of War and DreadBall.


Here are five reasons why we think you should come:

5) A Day of Gaming

Fun, fast and furious participation games are the name of the day, including a Kings of War skirmish game, zombie run and chariot racing.

MA demo game

Coaches get your players in training, there’ll also be a penalty shoot-out game and street DreadBall played on a small format pitch to test your limits against our DreadBall Champion.

For those of you who would like to be shown how to play by one of our Pathfinder volunteers, we’ll have a few demonstration games on hand too.

4) A Brush with Death

The inaugural Brush with Death painting competition will be held at the show.

There will be several categories around Kings of War and DreadBall, and we’ll have an online competition for anyone who cannot make the show.


The Brush with Death rules pack and prize information will be released shortly – watch this space for more details.

3) Hobby Time Displays

We’ve teaming up with the folk at Dark World Creations to create a few awesome displays showcasing our hobby – because everyone’s always wanted to play DreadBall in a light-up Forge Father Stadium, right?


These centerpiece creations will be on display for the first time at the Mantic Open Day – we’ll post up work in progress shots as we can get them, but if you want to see the finished thing you’ll need to get yourself over to the Mantic Open day.

2) Sneak Peak Corner

With more high quality displays from the studio team and all the sneak peaks of what’s in store for Warpath, Kings of War and more besides.


Dare we mention that there will also be a raffle at the show, where a few lucky tickets will win a trip into the Secret Room and play er, the other game…

1) And finally… the Mantic Seminars!

Yes, it couldn’t be the Mantic Open Day without being locked in a room with Ronnie Renton.


Photo from Wargamerama

That’s a joke of course, Ronnie’s seminars are one of the most popular parts of the Mantic Open Day. With both Jake Thornton and Alessio Cavatore in attendance, you’ll be able to get all of the latest gossip, sneak peaks and ask your burning questions from the men behind the games.

I want to come!

That’s great! There are two types of ticket on offer and both are limited for the show due to space considerations:

Single Ticket: £10
Group Ticket for four people: £30

Tickets get you access to the Mantic Open Day, and include a free show-exclusive DreadBall miniature. Children under the age of 12 get in free.

There’s parking and food on-site, as well as our Mantic Shop that will have a number of special offers on the day and access to the full Mantic range.

More details will be released over the next couple of months, and tickets are now available to order through the Mantic online store. Get yours here!

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