Hey gang, James here. Just got back from a week off (during which I did absolutely nothing productive) and I’ve come back to a hive of activity.


Look at all those boxes!

The final Kings of War Kickstarter orders are now shipping, and the warehouse crew are going like the clappers to get everything out to our awesome backers around the world. This is the final delivery for our first Kickstarter, and contains a load of bits and pieces that round out everyone’s orders, such as Stormwind Cavalry, Dark Knights, various Heroes… the only thing that won’t be included is The Bloodstone of Cerillion, our very first Kings of War novel! We’re just putting the final finishing touches to it, after which it will be published as an e-book and emailed out to backers. It will also be available for non-backers to purchase and download in the very near future!


Captain Renton’s back at the wheel!

When I left the office for my week-long “staycation” (thanks, Curis), I hadn’t seen Ronnie for a while! He’s back now, but last time I saw him he was heading off to Gen Con to spread the word of Mantic to our many fans in the States. By all accounts it was an incredible event, and Chris got photographed plenty of times, so I’m happy! Loads of pictures from the weekend have begun to filter in, and I’m sure there’s plenty of YouTube videos, podcasts and whatever else out there. I’ll have a good trawl over the next few days and post the best bits on the blog or our Facebook page.


Hello, who’s this?

Finally, the office just got a bit more crowded, but in an awesome way! Meet our new in-house painter and hobby guru, Dave. He sits right next to me, so I’m in a great position to casually snap a few cheeky pics of his desk like the one above. Zoom in and see what you can see!

Anyway, I’m off to continue trawling through the mound of emails that’s piled up over the past week. In the meantime, why not drop a comment below and let me know what’s got you excited about Mantic recently? Plenty of info got leaked at Gen Con… I wonder how much you’ve all heard? 😉

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