Less than a week to go until Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game hits Kickstarter, and this week we’ll be showing off loads of painted miniatures so you can see what to expect once the campaign goes live! You’ve already seen the Martians, so let’s check out some of the heroes. Well, if you can call them heroes…

Buddy - artwork by Heath Foley

Buddy – artwork by Heath Foley

If this is the first time you’ve laid eyes on this no-good down-and-dirty criminal, it might be worth checking out this post, where we gave a bit more detail about him and his lady friend. Otherwise, check this out – our absurdly talented painter Dave has done an incredible job of recreating Buddy in 28mm form…

Check out that detail!

Check out the detail on that Hawaiian shirt!

I don’t think I need to add anything else. When I first saw this model, I was blown away, and I hope you’ll agree! Let us know what you think in the comments below – oh, and in case you haven’t, make sure you’ve registered at www.marsattacksthegame.com – see my post from last week if you’re wondering why!

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