Ben and Ben from Bad Dice visited us at Mantic Towers yesterday, and we had a very nice chat over tea and biscuits (which obviously I spilt all over their really expensive and cool equipment!).

Please go and have a listen here…

Bad Dice Podcast

Bad Dice Podcast

We talk about all thing Mantic, lots of Dwarf info, and a few hints of things to come…

We also have ‘Dwarf week 3’ on the blog all next week, with lots of new pictures, and photos and the full range up for pre-order, so keep checking back…

We also got a competition going, and the special password code is:

‘I’m frantic for Mantic’ – but you need to listen to find out what to do with it!

So, 2 jolly nice chaps, and no doubt they will be visiting here again soon.

Best wishes


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