Dwarf King’s Hold week concluded last week and briefly touched on the potential of Warbands in the game. Well when Jake told us we could go ahead and make up our scenarios using the points systems, Ken and Chris swiftly went about creating some Orc, Undead and Dwarf warbands.

The McLelland Warbands
Rulaf’s Glory Seekers


Andrew Wedmore’s Berserker Lord paintjob sold me on having Rulaf as my warband leader and I’ve wanted to start a Dwarf army for a little while (I have too many Orcs to paint unfortunately…), so I just went for a little bit of everything! Of course you get all of the extras on the Ironclad sprue too – including the Dwarf throwing Mastiff!

Kirak’s Awakening

KirakAt five points each, Zombies are a steal and great for outnumbering your opponent. With Kirak the Undying leading them I get a character that packs a bit more punch.

The Cleaver


I really like the Orc Warlord figure (I have one on Gore Chariot in my Orc army – look out for that at February invitational tournament!) and with plenty of Ax in my Kings of War army, pulling this band of warriors together was easy. You also get a load of bits on the frame to convert the figures with and some Orclings too, which are also playable in Ancient Grudge!

The Palmer Warbands
Vulbar’s Exiles


This Warband came about from the idea of Kings of War Rangers – a mix of Crossbows and two-handed hammers. Add in Prince Vulbar, who I added a little bit of background too, and a couple of Dwarf Drillers (because they have been amazingly popular!) and you get Vulbar’s Exiles.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Ghost-and-GhoulsI have a feeling this warband will just be dirty to play with. Ghouls are super quick and with the Wraith’s Walks through Wall rule, there are just some brutal tactics to experiment with. Can’t hurt that I’m a really big fan of the Wraith models and you get 10 of them in this bundle!

The Bruiser

CleaverFrother, that’s Berserker Orcs to you and I, really intrigued me and I’ll be converting some at some point but who can resist the Warlord’s massive axe? Add in some Greatax for some super choppy action and you get the Bruiser Warband.

We’ve put together these Warbands as simple one-click sets on the Website but don’t let this stop you putting together any of the other sets and making your own – the Gravestalker Deal with it’s mix of Zombies, Ghouls and Tombstones would be perfect for this, of perhaps chance on the Crazy Christmas Bag to build your horde?

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