The Basilean region covers what was once ancient Primovantor.

The Basilean region covers what was once ancient Primovantor.

Basilea holds a sizeable territory. The greater part of it is mountainous, as is much of the Infant Sea’s northern coastline. The core of Basilea is what was once the Basilean Massif – a large upland area of plateaus, hills and low mountains. This highland became a twin peninsula during the flooding of the world. The Martolian plains that once connected it to the Primovantian Peninsula have been drowned, along with much else. However, many of the Basilean’s most ancient cities survived the inundation.

Greatest amongst the remaining settlements in the City of the Golden Horn. It is the largest and most spectacular city in all of Mantica. Over a million citizens live within its precincts, according to the Royal Census at any rate, the true figure is likely to be much higher. The oldest part of the Golden Horn occupies a promontory projecting into the Straits of Eriskos. The city was built in ancient times upon the eastern bank of what was once a broad river canyon. Since the Great Inundation, the Golden Horn has been lapped by the sea, and has grown so huge it covers both shores for miles in either direction. The Golden Horn is the crossroadsof the world. Man in all his rich variety walks its streets, rubbing shoulders with Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Ogres and other creatures seen nowhere else. Within its walls are merchants from every ocean and sellswords from every land known and beyond.

It is not the only city in Basilea, and several others have reputations almost as grand:

Ancient capital of the homonymous region and proud inheritor of that nation’s martial prowess, Spartha is home to the Hegemony’s foremost military academy.

Although once one of the great powers of old Basilea, the capital of Cortia is a small city, but it is a place of unsurpassed marvels. Cortis boasts Basilea’s finest artists. The Temple of Aquilan is regarded as its greatest jewel: the beauty of it such that, if all is viewed in one visit, it can strike a man temporarily dumb.

A crucial trade port situated off the coast of Keretia, it acts as one of the Basilean navy’s main depots, and acts as a constant reminder of the Hegemon’s power to the rulers of the breakaway province of Keretia.

A frontier city, Samarik is the only large settlement near the lands of the Abyss and Tragar. Home to five legions of Basilea’s best troops, it is a serious, heavily militarised place under constant threat of invasion.

Tor Amellinus
The only Elven city in Basilean territory, this outpost port of the Sea Elf Kindreds is situated at the southernmost tip of the Basilean mainland and is almost entirely autonomous.


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