… yes, the Martians have arrived in Ireland!

Oh no, it’s just Ronnie, Curis and a very shiny set of Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game goodness…

Firstly, Ronnie sits down with Warren at Beasts of War for a first look at the game…

Then, Chris “Curis” Webb joins Warren for the first unboxing of Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game!

Excitingly, Beasts of War are also releasing a Mars Attacks Gameplay Video over the weekend. Keep an eye out for it, and then let us know in the comments what you make of it!

In other news, we’ve now added the full supporting range of individual Mars Attacks kits to our website. These will be followed by a number of expansions in the future, supported by awesome vehicles like the Martian Saucer, as well as mutant giant bugs and stompy Robots!

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is now available for pre-order and will be released late September. Join the invasion or fight to save Earth: pre-order your copy here!

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