Today, I thought I’d share the Beasts of War unboxing of Mars Attacks.  Over the next week, we’ll share some amazing resources that have gone up recently and you might not have seen as yet, for you to enjoy.  We Kickstarted this one in November of last year and have really made the most of it, creating a game that suits veterans and beginners alike.
Mars Attacks will be available very soon, and if you weren’t in on the Kickstarter, you can pre-order your copy, available after we’ve completed shipping on our Kickstarter.

Curis and the guys have made some great videos about the new game, and to be honest, what could be more fun than a life and death struggle to reclaim your town from the Martian invaders?
So, check out the unboxing video, which talks you through everything in the box…

What are you looking forward to from this game?
Got any questions?  Ask away!

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