How on earth is it February already?

It’s been a crazy few months at the Mantic bunker, what with the Mars Attacks Kickstarter campaign in October, Deadzone shipping in November and that Christmas thing happening in December… but we were expecting a quiet January to catch up with everything.

I'm using this photo of Curis for no reason other than the fact that I think it deserves to be seen again.

Just like how Curis caught up with… um… okay, I’ll admit it. I’m just using this photo because it deserves to be seen again. There’s no other reason for it being here.

Not a chance! If anything, we’ve been busier than ever this month. Admittedly, it’s probably our own fault for putting up such awesome sale deals in the Mantic Store (so popular that you guys crashed the website when they first went up) then shutting up shop for a couple of weeks over the festive period. It’s resulted in a stack of pending orders in the warehouse so big it’s like dispatching Deadzone all over again!

In short, we’re a bit busier than normal.

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah and Chris are ploughing through the large piles of emails in the customer service inbox at a very impressive rate, and the warehouse team are working flat-out to sort out those few mispacked deliveries, send out big piles of web orders and dispatch huge boxes of lovely stock to retailers and distributors. However, there’s still a bit of a delay, so please bear with us. We really appreciate your patience!

Here’s a quick FAQ that might answer a few questions and save you waiting for an answer:

Q) I’ve received a delivery but it’s missing some pieces! What do I do?

A) Please follow this link to complete an Order Query Form so we know all the details. Our warehouse will be sorting through these forms on a regular basis and will sort out your missing parts as soon as possible.

Q) I’m waiting on an order I made through When can I expect it?

A) You can check the status of your order by going to “My Orders” in the “My Account” section of the website. (You will need to be logged in to see this.) Due to the large volume of orders being made through our website, there is currently a delay of 5-10 working days between orders being received and being dispatched. If it has been longer than this and your order is not yet marked as “dispatched”, please contact us using the form on our Contact Page.

Q) I sent you an email / filled in an Order Query form / messaged you on Facebook / sent a message by flying monkey / etc. but I haven’t had a response. What gives?

A) As we said above, wow, we’re really busy at the moment. We’re getting through our messages as quickly as we can, though! Although there are many ways of contacting Mantic, the only way to guarantee a response is to contact us using the Contact Us form. This will go straight to our customer services team, who will respond to all messages in the order they are received (unless some investigation is required, in which case they will be sent as soon as we’ve found the answer). If you have already filled in the form, we will respond to you – please don’t send us another message to chase up a response, as it won’t be answered until after we’ve already answered the first one!

Again, we really, really appreciate your patience in this busy period.

Thanks for reading! 

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