So are we all excited to see the Gore Riders?

Well, just one more day to wait and we’ll have them up here on the blog for all to see!

One of the things that’ll be hitting big before Warpath hits towards the end of this year (and it’ll hit like a Greatax’s two handed halberd) is the updated Kings of War rules and Army Lists. Part of this will be adding in the existing units we make that don’t have rules (like the Soul Reavers or Dwarf Rangers for instance), and one of these units will be the Orclings – Click the Thumbnails for a better look:

Mantic-Games-Orclings-SmallWe’ve actually made it possible to have a couple of bases of Orclings in our new Orc Army Set, in addition to the 30 Ax, 20 Greatax and 10 Gore Riders of course, and these characterful blighters look as good on their own base as they do perched on top of a loping Orc Ax Warrior.

Mantic-Games-Orc-Morax-ChampionOrclings get everywhere – like on the banner of this Morax Champion…

Orc-Krudger-on-Gore-with-Orcling-large-Mantic-Games.. or casually posed under this Krudger on Gore

Orclings are great little pieces for adding even more character to a Mantic Unit so we’re looking forwards to seeing what it is you guys do with yours!

In other Orc related news, Beasts of War have posted an article by Jake Thornton on designing the Orcs for Dwarf King’s Hold and what would make a really spectacular weekend (in addition to our shiny Gore Rider pics of course) would be to see photos of your Mantic Orcs – whether they be green, brown, red or purple. Post them up on our Facebook wall as we’re dying to see!

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