Your final quest has presented itself, adventurer.

Hordin Goldstone’s bar is closed when you return today, and the streets are empty.  Twilight fell an hour ago, and the long shadows are sinister and inky.  When one touches your foot, a chill passes over you.  There is a small note in the window, saying ‘knock twice on the rear door for deliveries’.  After all of the work you’ve put in uncovering the runes, you feel cheated, so you slip down the alleyway and down to the back door.
You slink down the alleyway, not sure why you’re so nervous, avoiding each and every shadow.  When the dark splotches approach you – and you’re sure they’re moving towards you deliberately – you shift away, and move a little bit faster.
Finally, you reach the door, and knock twice, as rapidly as you can.  Hordin opens the door and pulls you in as quickly as he can.

“Did you see her?” he hissed. “She might be out there!” he added.

For our final rune, we’d like you to share on ANY network, 150  times.  We have to reach this by 1pm GMT Friday, so that it and the other runes can be translated into a useable password.


This is obviously one of our baddies – what do you guys think?

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