I hope everyone is having a lovely winter so far!  We here at Mantic just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  So to commemorate this festive season, we have 3 very special but cheesy Xmas scenarios for Deadzone, Kings of War and Mars Attacks.  Play these with your friends. Use them to introduce new people to some of Mantic’s systems while keeping them in the holiday spirit.  Thank you for your support!

First up is a Deadzone.  This scenario can be played up to 6 players.  1 if you use the zombie AI deck.  Click here to grab it!

Deadzone Xmas Scenario

Second on the list is Kings of War.  This scenario is best 1 vs 1 but can easily be adapted to a multiplayer game.  Try it out with more that 2 players and let us know how it goes!  Click here to grab it!

 Kings of War Xmas Scenario

Lastly is the ever popular Mars Attacks!  Can you stop those pesky Martians from ruining Xmas?  Click here to find out!

Mars Attacks Xmas Scenario

There you have it, holiday fun to be had by all.  Stay warm and get some games in!

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