Last week we ran a mysterious Name that Unit contest for a new unit of Undead Knights. Well, today that unit of Knights goes up for pre-order, with some fancy new pics to show-off to you guys as well. Check out… the SOUL REAVERS!


Congratulations to Chad Chapman whose entry on our Forum-run competition got picked – we’ll contact you shortly and get your prize in the post!

This unit is part Plastic Resin, part metal and also contains a Vampire Hero with which to lead your troops! This figure is also available for pre-order as an individual character as well, and is full of detail – the icon on the shield for instance isn’t freehand; it’s actually sculpted on to the shield.

Undead-Vampire-Lord-small-Mantic-GamesUndead-Soul-Reaver-small-Mantic-GamesClick the Thumbnails for a larger view

Look out for more info on Vampires and this new unit in the forthcoming Undead hub (speaking of Hubs, we’re doing some maintenance to the Orc hub, so that will be back online later!). This unit is now available for pre-order and is just the first of this week’s reinforcements for the Undead army, so make sure you keep checking back all this week!

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