If that isn’t the spammiest-looking blog title I’ve ever written, I don’t know what is.

Regardless, DreadBall Season 3 is shipping out this week and hot on it’s heels are the DreadBall Team Boosters. This is major news, because if you’ve got a Season 1 or Season 2 DreadBall Team, you’re now able to add more variety and more character to your team!

Let’s take a closer look at the sets, starting with the Genetically Pure Human teams: the Trontek 29ers and the Void Sirens.

Trontek 29ers Team Booster

Trontek 29ers Team Booster

The male Corporation team is about as average as they come – they have a good mix of Strikers, Jacks and Guards, all of which have average stats. They’re a great all-round team, the perfect beginner team and a real flurry of fun on the tabletop, because they can do just about anything well.

With the Team Booster pack, you’ll get new alternatively posed Strikers, Jacks and Guards which you can mix in with your main team. Adding new poses means more character and you can get some real individualism on the pitch. It also means that when you have 6 players on the pitch, they all look different.

This goes the same for the Void Sirens, except these tricksy minxes don’t get a Guard, they get extra Jacks instead. This spells trouble because of their Run Interference rule…

In addition, both boxes come with Keepers – upgrades for Guards during a league. Being able to upgrade your figures with new skills is one of the great things about DreadBall leagues, and these characterful models have been outfitted with a DreadBall glove so that they can punt the ball up-field..

Void Sirens Team Booster

Void Sirens Team Booster

And finally – and these are my favourite miniatures personally – are the Prone Markers!

In a violent game like DreadBall there are bound to becasualties. I mean, with Marauders and Teratons sauntering about, there’s going to be some broken limbs, entrails, blood and guts – of course, a model could just simply trip… Currently in DreadBall you represent falling over by turning the model on it’s side, but this does lead to neatness issues, particularly when the models are bigger than the average Joe.

To counter (ahem) this, we’ve included prone markers in the Trontek 29er and Void Siren Team Boosters (actually, they are in all team boosters). These are amazingly characterful figures that you can place on the board in exchange for turning one of your beautifully painted players on it’s side. They’re great fun to paint and add some real character to your team.

Boost your team’s performance with all new players, keepers and prone markers – the DreadBall Season 1 and 2 alternatives are now available to pre-order and begin shipping on the 7th October! 

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