Here is the third amazing deal available for the festive season. We know this is often the time of year that people consider starting a new army, or maybe building upon an existing collection, and we know that there are a lot of Elf players out there. Well we here at Mantic Games have decided that we want to make that as easy for you as possible.

Lord Elthenar

Lord Elthenar’s Vengeful Cohort is a great way to start your own Elf army this Christmas, or to expand your current force. Within this set you get: 40 Spearmen, 40 Bowmen, 20 Seaguard, 20 Scouts, 20 Palace Guard, 5 Stormwind Cavalry, 2 Bolt Throwers, 1 Dragon’s Breath, the Elf King’s Court, an Elven Lord on Dragon and the limited edition Elven General. That is an incredible 160 figures!

Limited Edition Elven General

Also included in this set is a FREE Mantic Messenger Bag and Printed Kings of War Rules included in this set!

Elthenar Bladedancer is the youngest lord of the Eastern Reaches ever to have worn the mantle of rulership, yet in the decades since donning the sacred Helm of Dawn he has earned the respect of both ally and foe alike. Haughty, arrogant and proud, he is regarded as a fair if merciless and cold ruler, yet it is on the field of battle where his true skills come to the fore. Indeed, such is his tactical brilliance and unmatched blade-skills that he has been compared to the great dragon-riding battle kings of old.

This army deal allows you to field an impressive Elven Army, made up of an amazing 160 figures, for an absolutely incredible price of  £150/€185/$270

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours here!

Please Note: This item is currently only available to pre-order and will be shipping on the 26th November 2010

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