One of the great things about DreadBall Xtreme is the setting. Taking the game underground just opens up a wealth of new opportunities and allows for some interesting narratives.

One that grabbed our attention in particular was the prison setting. The idea that Director Rasulov opens up the gates of the Perestia Prime Correctional Facility and let’s loose the inmates to play against the likes of Blaine and his collection of free agents is a very powerful image…


Once we had the idea, and with the addition of a hobby specialist like Dave and our amazing hard plastic scenery range, we knew we could actually create this environment to set our photography in.

So we did, and this was the result:


Dave spent a couple of days building this, taking an MDF pitch we had made in the same shape as the Xtreme design and building the walls (which are detachable, as are the ceilings) out of modular scenery tiles, using our connector system.

Despite its size, Dave said it was actually very simple to paint. He simply sprayed the walls white and made them more grubby using a series of brown and green washes, before detailing it up with chevrons and painting in the lights. The floor was actually painted grey, before two brushes were smacked against each other to spray paint across the floor.


To finish off the look, we had some translucent blue acrylic doors made and, with liberal use of some of the Antennociti sets from our Deadzone Kickstarter, added some character and variety.

So, what do you guys think? Where are you going to be setting your DreadBall Xtreme games? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to build your own prison – or perhaps a warehouse, storage area or maybe even a spaceship docking bay! – we’ve put together this scenery bundle for you!


This will require assembly – a degree of modeling skill is most certainly required – and comes complete with a set of resin antennociti accessories, a 2’x2’ single piece MDF pitch, acrylic doors, as well as a loads of scenery sprues (roughly 3 Battlezones – 12 sprues plus connectors and accessory sprues – worth for the Deadzone connoisseurs out there!) as well as courier shipping so that you can build something similar!

Contents may vary from those shown, but it gives you a really good idea as to what you’ll be able to build.

Let your imagination run riot ☺

The DreadBall Xtreme is now being funded on Kickstarter. We recommend a pledge of Rampage!

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