Great start to the week – we’ve locked in Brute Force over on the Xtreme Kickstarter, throwing her free into pledges of Rampage and up.


Thank you for making this a reality.

Up next, we’re looking at Lyra the Fixer:

$380,000 – Lyra the Fixer, Thief MVP

If you’ve messed up a job, you call Lyra. If you need to get rid of a body, fast, you call Lyra. Someone’s about to rat you out to ISO? You know what to do. Problem is, Lyra stopped answering a long time ago. She used to work for the Zoma Corporation, a shockingly shady outfit operating out of an abandoned waystation in the Teelon Drift. Her services were always available to the highest bidder, but Zoma owned her. Literally. Life as a slave didn’t seem to bother her until one day she saw a DreadBall game, and everything changed as she recognised a chance for a different life. Slipping away from her captors, she found the nearest underground event through her network of contacts and offered her services as a free agent. Fast and deadly, she now plays for hard credits, hoping to save enough to buy her freedom.


If we hit this stretch goal, we will produce Lyra the Fixer, the Thief MVP and throw her into pledges of Rampage ($150) and up, at no extra cost!


You can also add her onto your pledge for an additional $5!

The DreadBall Xtreme is now being funded on Kickstarter. We recommend a pledge of Rampage!

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