At the end of last week, we received our painted Berosos miniature, and we thought you’d appreciate seeing him!

Berosos, High Priest of Basilea

That’s a seriously hefty hammer!

Berosos, High Priest of Basilea, appears in both supplements released this summer. He first showed up in Kings and Legends, as a character who could be used both in a Basilean army and with the Kingdoms of Men. Then he got some additional rules in The Basilean Legacy, letting him bring Penitents Mobs into a Basilean force even in games that don’t allow allies. At first glance, you might wonder why this is such a good move; although Penitents are a bit cheaper than Sisterhood (who are otherwise very similar), their comparative weakness in combat don’t seem to make them as attractive an option. The key is to look at what Penitents get up to when they’re around Berosos.

For a start, they get the Holier than Thou! and Blessed be the Pious rules – after all, they’re Basileans too! Also, the High Priest has a “Holy Aura”, meaning that any Penitents near him get the Zealot rule. This means that they count as Vicious – and if they’re attacking an Evil unit, they get to re-roll two dice instead of one! Nasty.

Berosos is available to pre-order from the Mantic website, along with the rest of our Basilean releases. If you want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve, and see previews of our models before anyone else, make sure you’re signed up to the Mantic Newsletter by clicking this link – our subscribers got to see the High Priest on Friday rather than having to wait until after the weekend!

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