Attention Mantic Fans!  We are now accepting applications for Pathfinders globally!

 What is a Pathfinder?

Pathfinders are Mantic’s army of excited and energetic demo and event volunteers. Each Pathfinder is a Mantic ambassador – a volunteer who has kindly given up their time to spread the word of Mantic in stores, clubs and events. They are available to our retailers to help with their events and to help promote our products in their stores.

What do Pathfinders do?

Pathfinders are exuberant people who are passionate about Mantic. They are tasked with being infectious and building excitement in customers. They do this through:

  • Getting them to play our great range of games.
  • Showing them how great our miniatures are, and that they can be used in all manner of Fantasy and Science Fiction games!
  • Introduce the notion to people that there is an affordable high quality alternative miniature range available to them.

 What Pathfinders are not?

Pathfinders are not sales personnel for retailers! This program is a way for you to help out local stores to generate excitement for Mantic products and games.

However, if a store owner or employee asks for your assistance in selling an item to a customer than we will help them as best we can!!

What do I need before becoming a Pathfinder?

Before applying to become a pathfinder, one should have the following:

  • A fully painted core set from either Kings of War, Vanguard, The Walking Dead, Dreadball, Deadzone (or Warpath), Dungeon Saga or Star Saga.
  • An in depth knowledge of all the Mantic’s games you will be demoing/running and the ability to discuss with store owners, customers, and players.
  • An enthusiastic and passionate attitude toward growing the Mantic hobby.
  • Appropriate attire to run demos in. ie: Pathfinder t-shirt (once provided after probationary period), smart t-shirt, jeans or khaki pants/shorts. We want to represent ourselves, our product and our customers in the best light.

How do I become a Pathfinder?

Mantic is always looking for excited individuals who love to spread the Mantic message.  If you are interested in showing people Mantic models and games then please answer all the questions below and send your answers to Pat Lewis – if you are North America based, otherwise, please contact if based in the rest of the world.

Please include a picture of yourself and any army/faction/team that you’ve painted for any of the Mantic games.  We’d love to see what you’ve painted and know you by face at the next convention.

Once we’ve received your email, we will review your application. If we like what we see, then we will schedule a phone/Skype interview. After this informal interview we will decide whether or not to extend an invitation into the program.

You can download the application here. 

If this sounds like an endeavor you’d like to get behind, then get your email out soon!

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