Welcome back to some more Elf week at the Mantic blog! The Kings of War Elf range hasn’t had much in the way of releases for a while, so as I explained on Monday we’re taking some time to celebrate next month’s upcoming releases! Yesterday we had a look at The Green Lady, but today it’s something a bit bigger and, dare I say it, even scarier…

Stormwind Cavalry - they hit hard, they ride fast!

They hit hard, they ride fast!

The Stormwind Cavalry have always been a favourite in the Elf force list, and thanks to last year’s Kickstarter campaign they’re now getting some new models to replace the old metal ones that are now out-of-production. Just like the Green Lady, these will be available to pre-order from this Friday! The models are proper beasts (in a quite literal sense) – large, stocky horses carrying elves clad in full-plate armour. They’re no slouch in the game, either, with a scary Melee value of 3+ and Crushing Strength (2). Coupled with their high Speed value, they’re an ideal choice for whipping around flanks and utterly destroying enemy units with flank or rear charges.

Concept art by Heath Foley

Concept art by Heath Foley

As you can see, the sculpts have faithfully recreated Heath’s concept art. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of these on the table at our Gamers for Life charity tournament, which is running at our Open Day in November. If you hadn’t heard already, the Open Day is going to be an awesome event, with everything you’d expect from Mantic. Check out the details at our Facebook page, and let us know in the comments if you’re going to be coming to visit us!

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