As we enter into the final few days leading up to Christmas, Mantic would like to wish everyone a very hobby, gaming and painting filled Christmas!


But fear not! Mantic is still working tirelessly until the very last moment that we close the doors for Christmas. We have the warehouse team picking, packing and shipping the Deadzone wave 3 Kickstarter.


Our Graphic design team are working hard to make sure that everything will be complete and on schedule for release in 2015. With the release of Dungeon Saga the guys have really had something to sink their teeth into!


The studio department has also kept the ball rolling, sculpting and painting some fantastic models for our 2015 releases. (See if you can spot the hidden gem in this picture)


Finally we would like to give you all the chance to play the hugely successful Mars Attack: Trailer Trashed game we had at our open day! Please click the link below to download your copy of the PDF rules, put together by the even magnificent Matt Gilbert.

Mars Attacks Trailer Trashed Rules

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Mantic Games Boxing Day sale! Head over to our web store on the 26/12 to see what fantastic deals you can get!

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