Once I start typing they usually have to prise my cramped sweaty fingers from the keyboard and edit it down to something readable and (hopefully) informative!

My previous blog covered all things Corporation, but the excitement doesn’t end there! Corporation marine Sergeant Cruise and his squad feature next month in a space ship with a very precious cargo on-board, and the mysterious Veer-myn will stop at nothing to get their filthy claws on it!

Project Pandora is the latest in the successful board game series written by veteran game designer Jake Thornton. Last year the hugely enjoyable Dwarf King’s Hold series launched (and promptly sold out!). We are now on the third print run, and have another starter set (with Orcs and Elves) and an expansion (Ancient Grudge) that takes it to a 4 player version and allows players to design their own forces and add heroes to their game.

The challenge with ‘Project Pandora’ was how to add shooting to a board game that still worked with hand-to-hand rules. This took Jake a few goes, but having played it several times now I think the result is one of the slickest 3d board games I have ever played. The introductory scenario is one of the cleverest I have ever seen, and not only teaches you how to play – but makes you want to play it again and again. (My best score is 6 by the way – I thought I was heading for double figures, but it all turned a bit ratty!).
We intend (limited technology skills permitting) to put up on the blog a series of videos of Jake playing through the basics, so pop on over and have a look about how to play this fantastic game.

The game also introduces our 4th army for Warpath – the mysterious and very vicious veer-myn! In the coming weeks we will be featuring a host of background info, images, sketches and some model shots. Those of you wise enough to be signed up to the Mantic newsletter will be getting your own Veer-myn dossier, with all things Veer-myn collected into one place. With 4 units and another truly incredible hero sculpt the Rats will be ready for war one day one. With another new army list from Alessio Cavatore and a background written by the talented Mr Haley you might want to gets signed-up for your free dossier right here.

What makes all this even more exciting is that all three launches, (from the Corporation to the Veer-myn army) will all be on the shelves of your local gaming store within the next three months! An for the loyal Kings of War fans – please don’t despair – you are not forgotten. In June we launch a 144 page full colour rule book, to kick off a summer of KoW, but let’s talk about that next time….until then, thanks for supporting mantic, I really appreciate it.

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